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Our Story

We’re designing the health system of the future: one that is equitable, tech-enabled, and patient-centered.

Medtronic LABS is the only health systems innovator that develops community-based, tech-enabled solutions for underserved patients, families, and communities across the world.

By bridging hyper-local services with cutting-edge technology, we provide sustainable and localized healthcare solutions that produce measurable patient outcomes for all. By building powerful system-level partnerships, Medtronic LABS is creating a global health system for the future.


Kill more people than communicable diseases


of all deaths in LMICs are due to NCDs


Yet only 1% Of healthcare spending goes toward NCD care


Our goal is to Impact over 25M people living with NCDs by 2025

Our Vision

We envision a world where all people – no matter the circumstance of birth or station – can live a healthy life, free of chronic disease.

For the first time, noncommunicable diseases, or NCDs, kill more people than communicable diseases. In low and middle-income countries (LMIC), two-thirds of all deaths are due to NCDs, and yet, only 1% of health spending goes towards NCD care. In this equation, it is the poor and vulnerable who suffer disproportionately.

At Medtronic LABS, we are changing this narrative. Over the next decade, our goal is to reduce the burden of NCDs and move the needle on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by measurably improving lives.

Our Team

At Medtronic LABS we know that our strength is in our diversity. We take seriously the notion that our team should reflect and represent the diversity of the patients, families and communities we serve.

meet our team

Community impact

We report and reflect on our impact and sustainability every year. Find out how we deliver results and positively impact global communities through real-world program implementation.


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