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FY2020 Report






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Patient stories

Impact report 2020 Kwasi, 65 Kumasi, Ghana

My wife and I have been battling hypertension and diabetes for years now. We used to get our medicines from a hospital that was far away. One day my sugar levels dropped, so my wife rushed me to a hospital. Nurses told me about a program they were offering to patients like us. Before I was discharged, we were enrolled into Empower Health. Now,…

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Impact report 2020 Geeta, 36 Tamil Nadu, India

I had hearing issues since I was a teenager, but didn’t notice how much it was beginning to affect my daily life. After I had children I realized I couldn’t hear them cry when I was in the other room. This made me so sad. One day a neighbor told me about a free Shruti ear screening camp. A technician at the camp explained that I had moderate…

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Impact report 2020 Mary, 52 Nyeri, Kenya

I have been struggling with high blood pressure for a while. Since Afya Dumu launched in Nyeri County, I visit my local Health Center more regularly. When COVID became an issue in Kenya, I got very worried, however, I got the opportunity to join a virtual patient support group with Afya Dumu during this time. I am so grateful, we are learning a…

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Impact report 2020 Ramesh, 45 Bihar, India

I couldn’t do my day job properly because I was losing my hearing. After finding out at a Shruti screening that it was due to a perforated eardrum, I visited a doctor at the hospital who told me that I urgently needed surgery in both ears. A Shruti telecounselor explained my financial situation and the doctor was kind enough to give me a…

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impact report


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FY19 Impact Report

In FY19, Medtronic LABS launched our tele-audiology offering to provide affordable last mile hearing care in partnership with Sivantos. The Sivantos technology includes high quality, affordable hearing aids integrated with a digital application for remote fitting and tele-audiology. Before Shruti, patients with ear disease and hearing loss had to navigate a siloed and unaffordable system of specialists. Now, with our integrated offering, Shruti patients receive comprehensive, community-based diagnosis for ear diseases and hearing loss as well as targeted referrals to our network of affordable therapies.

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