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by Medtronic LABS

Geeta | Tamil Nadu, India

I had hearing issues since I was a teenager, but didn’t notice how much it was beginning to affect my daily life. After I had children I realized I couldn’t hear them cry when I was in the other room. This made me so sad. One day a neighbor told me about a free Shruti ear screening camp. A technician at the camp explained that I had moderate hearing loss in one ear andsevere hearing loss in the other. I thought I wouldn’t have time or the money, but the Shruti technician helped me get a free trial and loan options for hearing aids. The first time I wore the hearing aid I had tears in my eyes – I can now hear the birds chirp and the sweet sound of my children’s voices. I am also no longer a housewife. With my improved hearing I have been able to become a working woman.

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