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Good health, above all else

Achieving clinical and social outcomes is at the core of the Medtronic LABS mission, and we’ve set a bold goal: to impact 25M lives by 2025 and move the needle on chronic disease. As we grow, we measure what matters to patients, health systems, and partners. Explore our impact through the years.


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Our impact in 2021

In 2021, we established landmark partnerships with governments, health systems, funders, and communities as we expanded into 5 new geographies in Africa and Asia and deepened our impact in Kenya, Ghana, and India. By combining cutting-edge digital technology, community-based field operations, and multi-stakeholder partnerships we aim to be the leading health systems innovator for community-based, technology-enabled healthcare delivery.


Patients Screened


Lives Improved


Health workers trained

FY21 Impact Report

There are patients in my community who can’t even move due to complications like stroke. Considering how far most facilities are and the challenges of accessibility due to poor roads, these hamper consistency in seeking care. The community health workers and peer educators help monitor our conditions in our village and even our homes. This is very encouraging as it allows us to live confidently knowing we have a caring community supporting us in our chronic disease management.

Benjamin, 65 Kenya

Our impact in 2020

In 2020, we laid the foundation for scale. We made key investments in our digital technology platform and grew our team across the globe. In Kenya we launched a landmark public-private partnership, Afya Dumu, setting the stage for future cross-sector collaboration. In India, we launched Prerna, focused on the social determinants of chronic disease. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic reaffirmed our commitment to our mission. We redoubled our efforts.


Patients Screened


Lives Improved


Health workers trained

FY20 Impact Report

Ever since we joined the program our health has improved. We now take our prescribed medicine from the doctor and anytime we check our glucose and BP levels the results put a smile on our faces.

Kwasi, 65 Kumasi, Ghana

Featured stories

Impact report 2020 Kwasi, 65 Kumasi, Ghana

My wife and I have been battling hypertension and diabetes for years now. We used to get our medicines from a hospital that was far away. One day my sugar levels dropped, so my wife rushed me to a hospital. Nurses told me about a program they were offering to patients like us. Before I was discharged, we were enrolled into Empower Health. Now,…

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Impact report 2020 Geeta, 36 Tamil Nadu, India

I had hearing issues since I was a teenager, but didn’t notice how much it was beginning to affect my daily life. After I had children I realized I couldn’t hear them cry when I was in the other room. This made me so sad. One day a neighbor told me about a free Shruti ear screening camp. A technician at the camp explained that I had moderate…

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Impact report 2020 Mary, 52 Nyeri, Kenya

I have been struggling with high blood pressure for a while. Since Afya Dumu launched in Nyeri County, I visit my local Health Center more regularly. When COVID became an issue in Kenya, I got very worried, however, I got the opportunity to join a virtual patient support group with Afya Dumu during this time. I am so grateful, we are learning a…

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Impact report 2020 Ramesh, 45 Bihar, India

I couldn’t do my day job properly because I was losing my hearing. After finding out at a Shruti screening that it was due to a perforated eardrum, I visited a doctor at the hospital who told me that I urgently needed surgery in both ears. A Shruti telecounselor explained my financial situation and the doctor was kind enough to give me a…

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Our impact in 2019

2019 was our breakout year at Medtronic LABS as we solidified our programs and our strategic focus on technology-powered, community-based healthcare delivery models. We grew our evidence base in Kenya, Ghana, and India, taking a design-led approach to innovative solutions. And we saw real impact.


Patients screened


Patient lives improved


Health workers trained

FY19 Impact Report

I used to miss at least a day of work every month before joining the Empower program. Now I go to the farm every day, and I have a better understanding of my health.

Kioko, 45 Nyandarua, Kenya

A bold approach to last-mile healthcare delivery

Transformative change doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our approach integrates three elements – digital technology, field operations, and partnerships – to promote human flourishing.

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