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by Medtronic LABS

Medtronic LABS 2021 Global Health Impact Report

We publish our 2021 Global Health Impact Report on World Health Day, and the World Health Organization along with Medtronic LABS focuses attention on the actions and innovations needed to foster healthy humans and a healthy planet.  

Barriers inhibiting improved healthcare services to patients, families, and communities impacted with chronic disease are being overcome to achieve sustainable wellbeing and equitable health now and for future generations.

In 2021 Medtronic LABS established over 7 major cross-sector partnerships across 10 countries in Africa and Asia. These partnerships enabled us to meet and surpass milestones for three key impact initiatives; lives improved, patients screened, and capital deployed collectively contributed to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases.

During 2021, we improved 10,453 lives which resulted in a 45% increase year over year. We screened 219,838 patients resulting in a 185% increase year over year and trained 1,016 health care workers.

Our work expanded into 6 new countries: Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Bhutan, The Philippines, and Cambodia. In Kenya and Ghana, our work is poised for national scale and in India, we continued to drive growth in both the public and private sectors.

Throughout the year we established landmark partnerships to launch our technology-enabled, community-based NCD management powered by SPICE, the world’s leading digital health platform for community-based population health.

By the end of 2022, we will be the largest technology-enabled, community-based NCD program with over 200,000 patients enrolled in our programs. As we grow, we ask ourselves: what will it take to truly move the needle, because we cannot be satisfied until we’ve addressed barriers to access for the 5B people who currently lack access to healthcare. In 2022 and for the future, we hope to continue the movement to transform health systems for a more resilient future.

Read our Global Health 2021 Impact Report to learn about our partnerships, technology and innovation, programs, team, and patient stories.

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