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by Medtronic LABS

Medtronic LABS Launches Betteh Lyfe; Healthcare for Patients with NCDs in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in 2019 accounted for approximately 34% of all deaths and the share of deaths from NCDs grew at an average rate of 17% each year from 2000 to 2019 [1]. It’s estimated that of the 8.13 million residents in 2021, 23% or 1.9 million of Sierra Leoneans have raised blood pressure, 8% or 650,400 are obese, and 5% or 406,500 have raised blood glucose levels. 

Non-Communicable Diseases in Sierra Leone

Overall, the Sierra Leone health system is challenged with underfunding, high rates of communicable and non-communicable diseases, and insufficiently trained health workers. For Sierra Leoneans, healthcare costs are prohibitive and drug availability is a challenge. 

To help Sierra Leoneans with NCDs in underserved communities, along with Sanofi and the Christian Health Association Sierra Leone (CHASL), we’ve launched Betteh Lyfe. This healthcare program is based on our Empower Health care model and seeks to improve the lives of patients, families, and communities with diabetes and hypertension.

Better Lyfe will leverage Medtronic LABS’ tech-powered healthcare delivery solutions, local field operation and implementation, patient engagement, and education along with Sanofi’s’ affordable health system to screen, diagnose, risk-stratify, and manage, enroll, treat, and support patients afflicted with hypertension and diabetes.

Medtronic LABS Better Lyfe in Sierra Leone

Medtronic LABS’ SPICE digital technology platform and care model enables hyper-local,  technology-enabled health delivery within remote communities, increasing accessibility and adherence. Patients will benefit from convenient and accessible regular blood pressure and blood glucose checks with real-time feedback, a team of tele-counselors who will provide direct patient support, and remote clinician access for feedback based on results and medication needs. 

Currently, Better Lyfe has enrolled over 1000 patients and our goal is to enroll patients across Sierra Leone and detect diabetes and hypertension early so we can improve lives and increase longevity. 

[1]  Sierra Leone – Share of deaths from noncommunicable diseases

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